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Please excuse the "under construction" nature of this page. In honor of the "dust" I am having a CONSTRUCTION SALE. Most of the scarves here are rayon and silk, have been dyed and washed in a washing machine (I do not recommend this; I do it to make sure all the dye is out, because, really, who wants a purple neck from color transfer?). The first on this page are ice-dyed rayon velvet (the colors are all deep and intense!) backed with silk. The scarves at the bottom are burn-out rayon and silk, dyed with french silk dyes. In between is a 110% rayon infinity scarf and 100% silk ice-dyed scarves. Prices and sizes are:

        Velvet scarf 48" x 9"             $35 plus shipping

        Infinity scarf 72" x 20"         $25 plus shipping

  Silky Ice-dyed scarf 56" x 11"   $30 plus shipping

     Burn-out scarf  56" x 13"       $30 plus shipping

These SALE prices are good until I get this page working the way I intend.  Contact me ("Contact" in menu). for purchase or questions.

                 Thank you for your patience, and you're welcome for the sale,



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