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 I'm so excited by my ice dyeing adventures, I want everyone to experience the excitement, so I'm teaching classes and workshops in my studio.

ICE DYEING is a shibori technique (the Japanese art of folding and dyeing fabric) that has expanded to include the random possibilities that can happen when ice or snow is introduced between the manipulated fabric and the dye itself.  As the frozen water melts, it carries the dye to unpredictable places and the colors can merge and split, producing unexpected results.  The fun comes at the end of the dyeing when I press the fabric, revealing surprising organic designs.  It’s like gazing at clouds looking for images.

Blue Ice strip.jpg

Classes in my studio in Berea, Kentucky, last about

3 hours, but can go longer, depending on student

interest and refreshments involved.  

The basic class includes everything you need

to produce several fat-quarter-sized samples, including

equipment you can keep.  You can also bring your own

natural fabric items to dye.


The groups are small, usually 3 to 5 people.  It's a fun event and can be tailored to your needs.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  Generally, I schedule these classes during the week at 1:30 or 6:30 pm; weekend times are more flexible.  Larger groups can be accommodated in a studio nearby.  

Please contact me here for scheduling, more information, or advanced workshops.

Studio Supervisor acting as Quality Control Officer
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